The first installment in the Circle series and M.A.I. Murray's debut novel, Destined narrates the adventures of four friends—Mari, Laria, Gren, and Hal—as they step through a mushroom circle and enter the mystical, mythical otherworld of Aorea. With only a few half-remembered dreams to guide her, Mari leads the group on a quest across the mountains and through the heart of the Endless Forest. They encounter both allies and enemies along the way, including a group of jealous leshii, several annoyed Slavic deities, and one hungry dragon. If they can’t reach the sanctuary in time, chaos threatens not only Aorea, but also the world they abandoned: Earth.

A Leadership Book for the Ages: Principles to Guide You & Stories to Inspire You

Discover How Character is Created and Leadership is Learned
West Point Woman is a leadership memoir for readers at all levels of organizational leadership, and applicable across industries, genders and professional expertise.
-- What are the LEADERSHIP SKILLS that the first women at West Point learned, which helped them succeed in an often-hostile environment?
-- What are the LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES that make a West Point woman resilient and extraordinary, and how might you incorporate those tenets into your own leadership repertoire?
West Point Woman, the new book by Sara Potecha, offers up a leadership arsenal.

The Lieutenants' Online Love

When "You've Got Mail" meets the US Army, you've got The Lieutenants' Online Love, a contemporary romance from Harlequin/HarperCollins, available in mass market paperback and ebook everywhere. Author's biography: Despite a no-nonsense background as a West Point graduate, Army officer, and Fortune 100 sales executive, Caro Carson has always treasured the happily-ever-after of a good romance novel. Now a USA Today bestselling author and Rita™award winner, Caro is delighted to be living her own happily-ever-after with her husband and children in Florida, a location which has saved the coaster-loving theme park fanatic a fortune on plane tickets.


For the new or occasional instrument pilot, IFR flying can cause an enormous amount of anxiety. 

It doesn’t have to be stressful, though. You can feel in control even as an inexperienced instrument pilot. 

Instrument flying isn’t rocket science because it’s extremely predictable. Each phase of flight has the same set of radio calls, maneuvers, and requirements. The pros sound so good because they do the exact same thing all the time. 

The pattern hardly ever varies. 

If you learn and embrace the predictable patterns of instrument flying, you will lose that anxiety and begin to enjoy it. 
The Instrument Pilot’s Survival Guide will walk you through the flow of a real instrument flight so you can anticipate ATC’s next move. 

Life in Rhyme is a poetic compilation of over 14 years. The first poem was crafted in 1993 and the last poem in 2007. This book tells the story of Andrea's life through different occurrences as it transitions from adolescent fear and disappointment to adu.

Life brings tests, trials, and disappointments that seem unbearable or just downright unfair; however, most people never voice these pains. Colors of Pain is merely the tip of the iceberg of pain that we as living, breathing, emotional wrecks go through from time to time. I believe this book is the voice for those without a voice. I implore you to read and understand that you are not alone in your journey to find happiness and meaning to your life.

West Point. 1987. Jenifer Beaudean becomes a cadet in only the eleventh class to include women at the prestigious United States Military Academy. Whatever the Cost: One Woman's Battle to Find Peace with her Body details her struggle to assimilate into this bastion of male competition as she engages in the never-ending battle to make the uniform look good. Societal pressure, family comments, fashion imagery and the West Point quest for perfection all quickly evolves into an eating disorder. Finally, in 2002 her family intervenes. Whatever the Cost is the story of a remarkable journey that concludes with Jenifer's victory over her bulimia and a message of hope for all women. Jenifer Beaudean is a successful businesswoman focused primarily on marketing and corporate strategy.

Ukuvuka is the first book of poetry by writer and poet, Erica Ndlovu.

This debut features the emotional journey faced by many as they navigate the darkness in their life, in order to break free into the light. The word ukuvuka is Ndebele and translates to awakening--which by the end of the novel is achieved. Readers first navigate the darkness before venturing into ukuvuka--the awakening--in the second part of the book. Ndlovu's debut book of poetry aims to illicit and stir emotions.

A memoir that appeals to a broad audience to include: civilians, veterans, educators, healthcare providers and families alike in hopes to enlighten and encourage those suffering and those treating someone with invisible wounds.

Jan Wishart is back in her second year at West Point.  Triggered by her former roommate’s sudden resignation, Jan's mission becomes finding out what's happening to women at the academy.  She discovers a systemic problem that has been ignored and perhaps cultivated at the highest levels.  In order to fulfill her duty, Jan must break with tradition and the longstanding culture of the United States Military Academy.

Jan Wishart starts cow (junior) year at West Point in Airborne School. Terrified of heights, she narrowly escapes an accident that later turns deadly for another jumper. With a third death in as many years associated with her, Jan returns to West Point under a cloud of suspicion. Ominous signs left for her to find cause Jan to lose a precious and necessary requirement for survival at West Point: sleep. With her mental state in question, a masked intruder makes nocturnal visits to her room. Or is she imagining that? Events escalate to the point of no return for Jan and her two best friends. When they swear an oath of loyalty to each other, they have no idea how much it will cost to fulfill that vow. Leadership always requires sacrifice. So does loyalty. And sometimes, one virtue must yield to the other.

Success Can Be Yours!
It's time for you to take back control and grab the success you've been waiting for, no matter the challenges you might be facing right now.

On March 21, 2003, Army Lieutenant and West Point graduate Laura Westley invaded liberated Iraq (the Army prohibited using the word “invasion”) with the full intention of keeping her virginity securely intact.  For twenty-four years, she had obeyed the strict teachings of evangelical Christianity and kept her legs closed, vowing to preserve her purity for her future husband. Being at war, however, made her realize that adhering to strict religious principles perhaps wasn’t worth it, not when bombs, RPGs and gunfire constantly threaten to cut your life short.

Discover the creativity this haiku journal will unleash in you! Explore your emotional responses as you complete unique poems with first line prompts provided on each page and space to reflect on your inspiration. There are 366 pages (because every year should have an extra day!) numbered simply 1-366 with space for you to fill in your own day and date (because you don’t need the stress of a daily requirement).Use the first line of 5 syllables to inspire a thought or memory, and then complete the haiku on the next two lines with 7 syllables on the middle line and 5 syllables on the last line.

After nine months of pregnancy and the miracle of childbirth, you may find yourself waiting for another miracle: the return of your pre-pregnancy body.

Your post-pregnancy body not only looks unfamiliar, it also feels unfamiliar. Getting your body back after pregnancy means not just getting a flat belly but also getting back the way you move, the way you cope, the way you find the strength to face the day, and it means inspiring a lifetime love of movement in your little one. After you have a baby, you'll benefit more from exercise than at any other time in your life. But it isn't easy.

"I was born in South Korea and named Soojung. I was three years old when I arrived in the US to be adopted by an American family and renamed Raina. At twenty-five I gave birth to the first of three children, and at thirty-three I adopted one more from China. I was thirty-six when I learned the identity of my Korean mother, or omma, and thirty-seven when I learned that my Korean father was her kidnapper and rapist..."

Porcelain on Steel is an insider's tour of one of America's most storied institutions and shares with the reader what it takes to succeed in the high-pressure, high-performance, high-testosterone lab that produces leaders for the Army and for our Nation. In an era where the American public is saturated with women selling sexuality, this book highlights those who, blessed with strong character traits, use them to make a positive contribution to society. Leadership is a matter of character; leadership is matter of how to be, not how to do it. Leadership is something that is instilled in you-and great leaders in turn instill the ability in others.

Tough as Nails is one woman's account of her personal experiences and the lessons learned from them; it is how West Point engraved Duty, Honor, and Country onto her soul. Tough as Nails gives you the West Point experience. You'll see it, feel it and learn something from it. You'll smile and you'll laugh. 

Based on the author's own experiences as a cadet at the exclusive United States Military Academy at West Point, Battle Dress is the brutally honest tale of seventeen-year-old Andi Davis, who views her acceptance at West Point as a chance to escape her dysfunctional family and prove to herself that she has what it takes to survive The Beast, insider terminology for Basic Training. But nothing could have prepared Andi for the rigors that follow, nor for the inner strength that she will need to succeed as a woman in a nearly all-male society. Compelling and powerful, but never militaristic, this is a tale of triumph that won't fail to move readers.

Who could do such a thing? Certainly not someone like Devon Davenport, a straight-A student-athlete with everything going for her. But in a moment of denial, desperation, and sheer panic, she did something that most people couldn't even imagine. And now Devon is being charged with attempted murder. In a skillfully crafted story, Amy Efaw takes readers through the days leading up to and after Devon's crime, painting an unexpected picture of a truly empathetic character caught up in an unimaginable situation.