"Excellent read. An interesting, historically-based story that follows the journey of the first women at West Point. This book gives invaluable insights into how large institutions effectively adjust to change." -BG (Ret) Anne Macdonald, West Point graduate, Class of 1980 

LORI and TRISH, two of a small group of the first women chosen to be cadets at West Point, are assigned to West Germany for Cadet Troop Leader Training in the summer of 1978. Maura and Anne, two of the first female ROTC commissioned lieutenants, are assigned as their sponsors.

Trailblazers explores the struggles the women face, as they spend the summer bonding and working together. These intrepid women face challenges every day as they struggle to earn the respect of their male peers and learn it can be lonely when rules and duty requirements are in conflict with personal desires or needs. Join them as they explore Europe's history and culture, while supporting each other personally and professionally, as they strive to be recognized as superior military professionals by their subordinates, peers, and superiors.
Trailblazers, the second book in the Guardians of Peace series, continues where Refined by Fire left off, and provides readers an unparalleled look at the integration of women into the modern Army and concludes with Lori and Trish graduating from the prestigious United States Military Academy. Join these courageous women who blaze a new trail in history as they persevere and adapt to a male centric organization that is struggling to accept them as fellow warriors and military professionals.