Many people have visions of what they want their lives to be. Big goals, lofty dreams, or aspirations that move them forward. But do they leave them at dream level or do things daily that ACTUALLY bring them into reality? In penny speak, do they turn their “$20-bill visions” into penny-sized pieces of action that will help them achieve their goals bit by bit? Life enthusiast Leslie Stein uncovers insights on discovering our hidden “$20-bill visions” by paying attention to the tiny, small, & previously unnoticed moments (the metaphorical pennies of our lives). Each chapter uncovers a new perspective about why little things matter...perhaps more than the big ones. Penny Perspectives takes you on a journey of discovery to find life lessons in the ordinary using the most unlikely of teachers...abandoned coins. Step over them & keep living as you always have. Start picking them up and see that everything you truly want has been right beneath your feet all along. In this book, Leslie Stein combines the humor, inspiration, & intelligence that helped her turn a curiosity for picking up pennies into a movement that collected thousands of dollars for do-gooders & charities working to create change in their local communities. It is a book that will have you asking, “Am I choosing perspectives that will help me live the life I want?” “Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, we do in life comes down to a choice of perspective.” --Leslie Stein